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Suggestions For New Entrepreneurs ~ Using "Green" Packaging And Display Solutions

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who is planning to sell your own tangible products? If so, packaging the products for display and distribution is likely one of your concerns. Perhaps you are aiming to create a worldwide or nationwide customer base, which means that you will likely need to take care of proprietary packaging as well as shipping solutions. 

As if this weren't enough to worry about, you may also fall into the category of a growing number of business owners who are concerned about their carbon footprint and the environment. If so, there are a few ways you can stay loyal to your beliefs and package items attractively. Your decision may even earn your brand the respect of shoppers who share the same views as you regarding green living. The following points are specific to packaging products as greenly as possible.

Bags and Ink

You may want to consider using paper bags for your local customers. These can be customized, and they make a good option if you are shipping gift items to customers. You can enhance the appearance of your bags and brand them with soy ink, which is an environmentally-friendly ink option. Traditional ink is made from chemicals that may contain volatile organic compounds, and some inks are made using petroleum, which is a nonrenewable natural resource.

Packaging Selection

There are numerous options for packaging your products. Some of the common ones are plastic, metal, cardboard, and paper. However, with plastic, some of your customers may have a hard time finding a recycling center that collects the type of plastic you are considering. This could mean that they end up throwing plastic packaging items in the trash, which contributes to an ongoing problem of plastic in landfills. Metal packaging also might not be the best choice. Metal packaging makes for attractive packaging and displays, but it may cost your new business more capital.

In contrast, cardboard and paper products are fairly solid options. They are cost effective and recyclable. There are even options for using packaging materials that are made from recycled paper and cardboard. You can boost your brand awareness by gently reminding customers that paper packaging materials are recyclable and that recycled products were used in your packaging and displays. 


Perhaps you have certain products that you feel must be packaged with specific materials. If so, brainstorm ways your customers could repurpose their packaging materials. For example, if you make collectible cars, consider having cardboard boxes printed with soy ink that mimics winding roadways. If you have perishable goods that you are insistent on packaging in plastic or metal bins, suggest repurposing to your customers who can use the containers to store items such as loose change, pens and pencils, hair bows, and other small items. 

A company that sells display boxes and packaging materials is a good resource to use to explore additional ways you can package your goods in an environmentally-friendly manner that fits your company's budget. Talk with companies such as Northwest Paper Box MFRS INC to figure out what kind of displays and packaging are the best fit for your company.