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Why Working With A Laundry Consulting Service Can Be Helpful

Whether you want to open a laundromat or you plan on getting your hospitality business or other business location set up with its own laundry facilities, you can get the guidance and information you need by way of a laundry consulting service. There are many ways they can help you to identify your needs and determine the best way in which those needs can be met. One of the important areas of focus when it comes to laundry consulting will be deciding on the right laundry washers for you to get set up with. There are a lot more of these than you may realize, and this is why working with a consultant can be so helpful. Here are some examples of the different types of washers available, and that you may have to decide between for your needs: 


Washer-extractors are setups where they will fill with water, clean the loads, then spin the drum with such a force that it removes a great deal of the water. This helps to give the loads more of a head start on the drying process. This can come in handy when your business has loads coming in that need to get back out as quickly as possible. Also, these machines do great at helping to keep energy costs down since as much demand won't be placed on the driers. 

Rigid-Mount Washer-Extractors 

If you are going to be opening a laundromat, then you want to learn about rigid-mount washers. They may also work for other types of businesses as well. These may be the best way for you to go. You can purchase the number of them that you require. They also come in different sizes and capacities. Aside from their heavy-duty construction, the thing that sets them apart is the way in which they are installed. They are mounted to the floor, so they will stay in place. Not only will this reduce the shaking, it also prevents theft. Do note, the flooring needs to be made from concrete or steel in order for these to work for you. 

Barrier Washer-Extractors 

Barrier washer-extractors are washer-extractors that have been designed to have a physical wall that separates the loading side from the unloading side. The reason for this design is to avoid contact between the clean and the soiled laundry. This is used in businesses where cross contamination needs to be avoided. 


Now that you have an idea of just some things you need to know about just to decide on the right washing system, you can see why it may be important to work with a laundry consulting business.