Keeping An Eye On Your Goals

Custom Features For Your Dollhouse

Custom products can be used to transform your unfinished wooden dollhouse into a work of art. Use the following products to support the customization process.

A Turntable

If you will be working on various parts of the dollhouse during the customization process, you may discover that the use of a turntable will allow you to perform each upgrade methodically.

When shopping for a turntable, consider the height of the chair that you will be seated in while you upgrade your dollhouse. Purchase a turntable product that contains a platform that is at a height that is compatible with the height of the chair. The platform should be spacious enough to support the base of the dollhouse.

Furniture Kits

Furniture kits are often sold through manufacturers of dollhouse accessories. These kits will contain all of the pieces needed to assemble furnishings that will be installed within your custom dollhouse.

A kit may contain perforated wooden sheets. The perforations will allow you to easily separate each piece from the sheet that it is attached to. Once you have separated the pieces in your kit, a tongue and groove design or crafters glue can be used to assemble each furnishing or accessory. 

Electrical Components

Electrical components can be used to illuminate the interior and exterior parts of your dollhouse. Custom manufacturers design electrical boxes and wiring materials that will fit within a specific dollhouse style.

When ordering electrical parts, you will need to indicate how large your dollhouse is. You will also need to furnish details about the layout of the dollhouse. 

Structural Materials

Dollhouse manufacturers sell shingles, flashing materials, siding, patio slabs, and other structural materials that will make your dollhouse and the artificial property that surrounds it look authentic.

Shop for materials that will provide the dollhouse with a specific color scheme or design. The structural materials that you purchase can be glued onto the exterior of the dollhouse or the artificial turf that the dollhouse will be situated on.

Finishing Materials

Finishing materials can be used to add subtle or dramatic accents. Wallpaper, flooring materials, paint, and clear sealant are some finishing materials that can be used to complete the dollhouse project.

Consider the size and style of the custom dollhouse that you own. Then, purchase materials and tools that can be used to complete each upgrade. You may need to use scissors or a utility knife when trimming some of the finishing materials that you purchase.