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Important Safety Tips For Using An Industrial Can Seamer For The First Time

As with all other industrial machinery, a can seamer is both a great invention and one that comes with some inherent risks, for the operator. Thankfully, when it is in good working order and used as it is designed to be, can seamers are fantastic at getting their job done. If you have never used an industrial can seamer before, then these tips will help you do so in a safe manner, the first time you try:

Safety Tip: Don't Skip Reading the Operating and Safety Instructions Made Available to You

Even if you want to start off your first day on the factory floor looking like you've been seaming cans of green beans or spaghetti sauce for years, it's important you take the time to educate yourself on the machinery before you attempt to use it! Before you start the machine for the first time, make sure you carefully review all of the instructions made available to you and ask any questions you might have to your trainer. It's always best to ask up front than to accidentally break something.

Safety Tip: Ensure the Can Machinery is in Proper Working Order Before Using It

One of the most common ways machine operators are injured on the job is by working with machinery that isn't correctly adjusted or has a mechanical problem. Before starting up the machine, get out the clearance gauge and make sure it is optimally adjusted. In addition, take some time to look for issues with the:

  • bearings
  • bushings
  • shanks
  • tooling

Safety Tip: Keep Long Hair and Loose Clothing Away from the Can Seamer

You are at serious risk of a major injury, if your hair or clothing get caught in the seamer machine. For this reason, it's important to contain any long hair under a hat or with a rubber band. Also, you should never wear loose clothing or lab-coat style jackets or sweaters, when working around can seamers or any other industrial equipment. 

Safety Tip: Always Wear Proper-Fitting Gloves

Lastly, since you will be working with raw metal that will have sharp edges, it's vital you wear gloves when operating the can seamer. It's important the gloves fit properly, so they protect your hands from cuts but aren't too big or small where they limit the range of motion in your fingers. Improperly-fitting gloves can also get caught in the machine and cause serious injuries to your hands.