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Rain Gutters: Sheet Metal Gutters Are A Step Above The Rest

You care for your home, but are sure you are protecting it as much as possible? Have you made sure that you installed the right type of rain gutters to keep your roof free of water puddles? The following guide will give you an idea of what materials are available for your gutters, and why you may want to consider sheet metal.

Why Are Gutters Needed?

Gutters can protect you from the following: 

  • Rusted roof, which will diminish your roof's overall life expectancy.
  • Holes in your roof due to corrosion, which could cause leaks. Leaks can cause mold, mildew, insect infestations, structural damage, and electrical damage.
  • Wildlife. Wildlife may not be attracted to your roof as much, since they love standing water, which your gutters will be preventing.

You can talk to your gutter specialist about other benefits that gutters may offer. Do not forget that gutters still need some regular and simple maintenance. This includes gutter unplugging and other such steps

Material Available for Your Gutters

You have four basic options when it comes to the material of your gutters, which are vinyl (plastic), wood, aluminum, and other types of sheet metal.

Vinyl and aluminum are not susceptible to corrosion, like metals, but they do not last very long. Aluminum and vinyl are weak and can get bent or damaged easily. For example, vinyl may become brittle with enough exposure to direct sunlight and extreme cold temperatures.Wood is an expensive option that--while stylish--needs a lot or maintenance, like yearly linseed oil treatments to prevent water damage. 

The best option available may be stronger sheet metals that last a long time, like copper sheet metals, which could possibly last up to 75 years.

​Sheet Metals to Consider

You can consider the following options for your gutters:

  • Copper sheet metals (mentioned above)
  • Galvanized stainless steel gutters. This is a zinc coating that protects metal from corrosion.
  • Bonderized steel gutters, These are pre-etched and help protect your gutters from leaks.

One of the most attractive features of sheet metals, besides their longevity, is they can be painted to match your home's color scheme. Copper gutters may be an exception, since some people do not paint over them because they are luxurious and make any home stand out amongst the crowd.

You can talk your gutter specialist about other sheet metal options you have. He or she can answer any questions you have. But, as you can see, gutters are very important and now you know why they are helpful and needed.