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5 Crafty Ways To Implement Stylish Metal Surfaces In Your Home's Design

You may drive by a sheet metal fabrication shop every day, but if you are like a lot of homeowners, you will never stop in to see what they have available. However, if you are in the process of making upgrades and renovations inside of your home, a sheet metal fabricator could become one of your most convenient professionals to have around. Here are five crafty ways you can implement stylish metal surfaces into your modern home's design.

1. Stylish Metal Backsplashes - Metal backsplashes are a logical addition in kitchen and bathroom areas where moisture splatter can be a real hassle. Sheet metal is easy to clean and maintain, but is available in various material choices, such as brushed nickel and aged copper.

2. Overhead Ceiling Tiles - Create an impressionistic ceiling designs by adding a few metal tiles complemented by wooden beams and molding. What you may not know is that fabrication designers can work with you to come up with a stamped design that will work well in your home, such as Fleur-de-lis patterns or geometric shapes.

3. Stainless Steel Cabinetry Facing - Give your cabinets the appeal of modern furnishings without having to pay for full replacement by having the cabinets refaced with custom sheet metal. Stainless steel is usually the top choice, as it molds and bends well with grooves and bends. Plus, the sheets of stainless steel are much less expensive than investing in new metal cabinetry.

4. Custom-Designed Tub Surround - There is no written rule stating that you must used the basic tile or plastic tub surround to keep the walls around your shower or tub protected. Metal sheeting is actually a highly efficient alternative. Best of all, the metal can be etched and stamped with intricate designs to compliment even the most unique bathroom styles.

5. Metal Countertop Covers - If you want to bring your antiquated kitchen into the modern style, covering resin-coated countertops is a simple enough fix. You could spend a fortune replacing the entire countertop, but it is much more cost effective to just cover what you have. Thin sheets of metal, typically steel or copper, can be used to coat the counters to give you a smooth and sleek surface finish.

Even though you may thing that sheet metal fabrication is something that construction companies like Waters Brothers Contractors, Inc. are interested in, as a homeowner who is making changes, you have ample reasons to visit a shop in your area. For more creative home ideas, talk to a fabricated sheet metal designer.