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7 Hotel Items You Can Find at an Acrylic Fabrications Shop

Whether you own a large-scale hotel or just an overnight establishment that has accommodations for a few people, there are good reasons why an acrylic fabrication shop should be one of your go-to businesses when you need items. Even though a lot of hotel owners obtain furnishings and supplies through a retailer, acrylic fabrications offer resiliency, ease of cleaning, and low-cost investments. Here are ten things you can get for your hotel at an acrylic fabrications shop.

1. Remote Cases - Make sure the remote and remote batteries are protected in every hotel room of your establishment with acrylic remote casings. The remote casing can be created to your specifications and is an inexpensive way to make sure you are not constantly replacing remotes.

2. Food Service Trays - Service your guests with confidence by using acrylic trays that will not break and are simple to keep clean. Acrylic food service trays can be designed in an array of styles, from the most basic to very elaborate.

3. Signs - From the signs on room doors to the one you use to let guests know you are booked up for the night, acrylic signage is an excellent option in the hotel industry. LED lights can be used to create edge-lit signs that are classic in their appearance and attractive.

4. Television Casings - Keep the expensive televisions in your hotel rooms protected with a high-quality television casing. The acrylic casing is low profile, so it will not interfere with viewing quality but is strong enough to deter breakage.

5. Brochure Displays - Keep local brochures, menus, and other hotel-related items upright and within reach with acrylic display stands. These stands are lightweight, attractive, and offer full visibility of the materials that are placed inside.

6. Food Dispensers - Breakfast cereal, oatmeal, milk, and juice are just a few examples of foods you may have on your breakfast bar in the morning for guests. These items need dispensers and these containers can be obtained at an acrylic fabricator.

7. Bathroom Amenities Organizers - Cleanliness is super important in your hotel bathrooms, and acrylic organizers are simple to clean. Therefore, using acrylic organizers to hold towels, soaps, and other bathroom amenities is a good idea.

When it comes to filling your hotel with the functional items you need, it is a good idea to talk to an acrylic fabrications representative, like one from Crown Plastics Inc. You will likely be surprised at all of the different items you can get for your hotel rooms that are cost efficient and functional.